what we do

Litigation & Arbitration

As a domestic PRC licensed law firm, our PRC qualified lawyers are permitted to litigate throughout China. Besides handling various types of disputes in PRC courts, we also represent many of our clients in international arbitrations, both in and outside of China.

Our expertise also encompasses avoiding litigation by sending demand letters and assisting clients with their settlement negotiations with Chinese business partners. Our team is also experienced in enforcing foreign and domestic judgments and arbitral awards in China.

Our dispute resolution capabilities include the following:
  • Chinese Court Litigation (throughout China)
  • International Arbitration (e.g., CIETAC / SHIAC)
  • Settlement Negotiations & Agreements
  • Enforcement of Foreign and Domestic Judgements/Awards
  • IP Enforcement
  • IP Court Appeals
  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Demand Letters
  • Police Filings (Criminal Complaints)
  • Compliance, Corruption & Fraud