China Lifts Restrictions in Value-Added Telecom Services

16 May 2024
By Art Dicker and Matthew Ding On 10 April 2024, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued the Notice on the Pilot Program for Expanding the Opening up of Value-added Telecommunications Services (Notice), aiming to loosen the foreign investment restrictions on certain Value-Added Telecom Services (VATS) in pilot areas. We digest the rules and implications for […]

Employees Setting up Competing Business Becomes Crime in China

13 May 2024
The latest update to the PRC Criminal Law includes provisions to tackle employees have set up a parallel, competing business; and employees who disadvantage their employer when dealing with “friendly” customers or suppliers.

New Chinese Rules Relax Compliance on Data Export

26 March 2024
Last Friday, the CAC finally published the Provisions on Promoting and Regulating Cross-border Data Flow, which became effective immediately.

Ensuring Accessibility of APPs in China

Given the 31 March 2024 deadline, companies hosting content on servers outside of mainland China may have to rethink their strategy.

Deadline for Smart Phone Applications and Mini Programs Filing

27 February 2024
On 4 August 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) set a timeline to enforce the filing of mobile applications (APPs) and mini programs, in the published Notice on Carrying out the Filing of Mobile Internet Applications.

New Company Law to Impact Foreign Investors and their Directors / Managers

17 January 2024
The new Company Law will have a material impact on international investors in China, below we summarize some of the key changes.

How to Enforce Contracts in China

23 November 2023
Often the elephant in the room on any discussion of doing business in China is the enforceability of contracts. Navigating the legal landscape of contract enforcement in China can be a complex and often daunting endeavor. China’s legal system and economic dynamism in particular pose hurdles for foreign entities seeking to enforce contracts. The decision to initiate a lawsuit or arbitration case can be costly and cumbersome, especially when it involves cross-border disputes.

Strategies for Attorney-Client Privilege in Internal Investigations

8 October 2023
The intricacy intensifies in cross-border investigations, when navigating the divergence between the U.S.’s common law and China’s civil law systems.

Cross-Border Challenges for Internal Investigations in China

In 2021, China’s legislature enacted the Personal Information Protection Law, presenting a significant challenge for internal investigations.

China Sets Filing Requirements for Smart Phone Applications

5 September 2023
Although APPs clearly fall within the scope of internet information services, the Chinese authorities have so far focused their ICP enforcement activities on websites only.
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