New Implementing Regulations for Data Exports in China: What Do They Mean for my Company?

By Art Dicker, Matthew Ding & Robin Tabbers China has recently issued new implementing regulations for its trinity of data protection laws - the 2017 Cybersecurity Law (“CSL”), the 2021 Data Security Law (“DSL”) and particularly the 2021 Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”). We were overdue for some clarifications from the Cybersecurity Administration of China […]

A Practical Take on China’s New Personal Information Protection Law

For over a decade, we have written client alerts on data privacy in China starting with the sentence: China does not have a comprehensive set of data privacy laws. Well that is finally no longer the case.

Opportunities for Foreign SaaS Companies in China

More and more software solutions are being delivered via the cloud rather than locally installed. There is an enormous and growing market for these Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings in China. Many of the most advanced global SaaS companies are American, and it is no surprise that these firms’ technology are often the leading products in China.

China’s New Data Security Law

With online data privacy protection not having been a priority for too long, companies should be aware that China is now stepping up its game with the new Data Security Law (DSL) that was passed on 10 June 2021 and comes into effect on September 1, 2021. A separate draft of the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) has also been in draft circulation and is expected to be passed and come into effect at the end of 2021.

China and Compliance: Reviewing your Employment Situation

2 June 2021
Not seldom, foreign-invested businesses are unaware of critical employment compliance requirements in China. It is a misconception that employees can be requested to work at any hour, whenever the business requires so, or that employees can be fired at will.

Legal Briefing - Retail Compliance - Fourth Quarter 2020

In this quarter's briefing we focus on Retail in China and write about Legal Aspects and Best Practices for Retailers in China and China's Strict Rules on Advertising: Foreign Companies Be Prepared.

Legal Aspects and Best Practices for Retailers in China

This article was written for, and first published by AmCham Shanghai, and is available at   China has become the world’s leading consumer market and is predicted to grow faster than the West – at 6% annually over the next decade (World Economic Forum). International brands are taking advantage of this, despite increased competition […]

Retail Alternative: How to Establish a Franchise in China

16 November 2017
Franchising is a popular business model used extensively in China as well as the rest of the world by many international retailers and brands to achieve business success. This article explores how to establish a franchise in China while highlighting the most important considerations unique to this market.