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R&P to speak at the EU Chamber’s seminar on fraud (May 18 in Beijing)

8 May 2017

2On May 18, Rogier van Bijnen will speak at the following seminar of the EU Chamber of Commerce in Beijing: How to check whether your partners in China are legit: practical steps to counter fraud and corruption.

Stories of foreign businesses being defrauded in China are numerous. Many of these cases involve partnerships with local companies that that have quickly deteriorated. A lot of these situations could have been (easily) prevented if the foreign side had carried out some basic due diligence on its internal and external partners.

Due diligence alone is not sufficient. Once the contract is signed, it is important to keep monitoring your business partners, so signals that something may be wrong are picked up at an early stage. In case things do go wrong, companies should have a clear strategy available on how to respond.

Rogier will focus on the legal aspects of due diligence and investigations in China. He will provide an overview of the latest scams in China and practical tips & tricks on how to conduct simple – but effective – due diligence by yourself.

For more information: http://www.europeanchamber.com.cn/en/upcoming-events/12573/How_to_Check_Whether_Your_Partners_in_China_are_Legit_Practical_Steps_to_Counter_Fraud_and_Corruption