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R&P Lectures at Donghua University

8 October 2014

September marks the beginning of the school year, and the start of a new semester course on business law in China at Donghua University. In this course, R&P managing director Maarten Roos and counsel Robin Tabbers disclose some of the key legal challenges that foreign businesses and managers face in China, and how to avoid or solve these challenges in a legal and effective way.

The topics of the course are modeled on “Chinese Commercial Law: A Practice Guide” (2010), authored by Maarten Roos and a key publication on the pitfalls and opportunities that Chinese law offers international businesses with interests in China. Among others, individual classes are given on foreign direct investment, commercial contracts, intellectual property protection, employment law, corporate governance, exit strategies, and China’s criminal law.

Maarten and Robin are grateful they can spend some of their time teaching future generations of entrepreneurs and managers on how to deal with legal issues in China. It is often difficult to navigate the Chinese legal environment, a better understanding will certainly lead to more effective solutions.