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R&P and Key Lawyers Receive Prestigious Awards

27 January 2021

We are delighted to announce that during a ceremony on 21 January 2021, R&P and some of its lawyers received a number of prestigious awards. Given to leading performers in Putuo District, these awards are endorsed by the Shanghai Putuo District Judicial Bureau and co-organized by the Shanghai Lawyers Association Putuo Working Committee. 

R&P China Lawyers: Excellent Law Firm of Putuo District for the year 2018-2019

Lu Zhiqian: Excellent Lawyer of Putuo District

Cao Xin: Excellent Female Lawyer of Putuo District. 

We are honored to receive this award and appreciate the commendation and support of the judicial authorities in Shanghai and Putuo District. R&P prides itself on understanding our clients’ needs, and consistently delivering high-quality services to our clients. In the most recent Legal500 review, clients described us as “outstanding when compared with more established and branded firms”; always providing “a prompt and informed answer on any topic” and with “deep insights into the market, and good local knowledge”. Terms that clients often use for us include “stable and reliable” as well as “open-minded and practical”.

These awards also affirm the strength and reputation of R&P in supporting international businesses in China, focusing on key practice areas including Corporate / M&A, Commercial, Compliance, Employment, Intellectual Property, Taxation, and Dispute Resolution. We are grateful for the support of the authorities, the great efforts of our team, and the trust of our clients; and we look forward to continued excellence in the future.