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Maarten Roos speaks in Lund, Sweden

8 June 2015

During his recent trip to Scandinavia to meet partner firms and potential clients, leading Swedish law firm Lindmark Welinder invited founder and managing director of R&P China Lawyers, Mr. Maarten Roos to speak at two seminars that they organized for the occasion on 26 May 2015.

During the lunch seminar, Mr. Roos presented to a group of local businessmen and lawyers at the wonderful Hypoteket in the city center of Lund. He spoke on the legal challenges of establishing and running a business in China, focusing on the different legal structures to approach the Chinese market, the cultural difficulties when working with Chinese companies, and the need for internal compliance and control systems.

In the afternoon, Lindmark Weliner invited a number of firms and clients to their second “home” Trolleholm Castle – a 500-year old private estate maintained in an elegant early-renaissance setting. The workshop focused on legal and culture differences in negotiations, contract management, and enforcement in China and Europe.


Lindmark Welinder and R&P China Lawyers are members of the International Alliance of Law firms (www.ialawfirms.com), a network that connects 2500 business lawyers from 63 law firms in 43 countries, and allows member firms to offer clients seamless, carefully-vetted legal counsel in business centers worldwide.