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Maarten Roos speaks in Hong Kong about “dealing with disputes in China”

21 June 2012

On June 19 2012, R&P’s managing partner Maarten Roos was invited by the DutchChamber HK to speak for Dutch, Australian and French managers on dispute resolution for foreign companies in China. A topic that attracted many participants who encountered various issues when doing business in China: delivery of off-spec products, customers refusing to pay, intellectual property copied, bank accounts being frozen, or even foreign staff detained.

Foreign companies often are aware of their contractual rights, but the role of the People's Courts in enforcing the same is not always clear.  The rules of the litigation process are seen as opaque, and the court proceedings unreliable. In his presentation, Maarten Roos shared his rich experience in dealing with business disputes in China, and explained how to use the court process to one's advantage, as a sword or a shield.

Should you have any questions regarding disputes you are caught up in, please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can assist.