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Maarten Roos shared his experience with GM’s during successful seminar

12 October 2011

On 26 September 2011, Maarten Roos was invited to speak to a group of 50 (general) managers of foreign-invested companies at a seminar organised by the Canadian, Swiss and Malaysian chambers of commerce in Shanghai. The topic of this seminar is a recurring one for R&P’s managing partner Maarten Roos: “How to Control your Company in China; Best Practice to Deal with Legal Challenges of Managing a Subsidiary or Rep. Office”.

In his presentation, Maarten continuously referred to cases he handled during his almost ten years advising foreign businesses operating in China, through which the audience was provided with a great practical approach to the challenges managers face on a daily basis. His lecture was organized around three broad topics:

  • Internal Control Issues–chop management, controlling employees, internal task control
  • Management responsibilities & Liabilities– decision-making process, being in control of your company
  • Dispute Resolution – avoiding and solve internal disputes, managing sensitive disputes.

The presentation was extremely well-received by participants, who raised many additional questions both during and after the presentation. Once participants shared with us that “the presentation was an absolute eye-opener for me as a GM, the practical case studies made me aware that I could use assistance for installing internal control mechanisms.

Maarten regularly provides seminars on the above and other topics of Chinese law and practice. He is also the author of Chinese Commercial Law: A Practical Guide (Kluwer Law, 2010), one of the most popular recent books dealing with legal challenges for foreign companies in China, and he has contributed to numerous other publications. For more information, please visit www.rplawyers.com or email [email protected].