China Data Compliance through Personal Data Protection Impact Assessment

China is determined to protect personal information and has passed several laws to achieve this goal. Regulatory agencies are taking a closer look at the treatment of personal data and enforcement of the relevant laws should be taken into considering for regular business activities. As the authorities tighten up regulation and supervision, businesses need to take measures to meet the higher demands on personal data compliance. 

China Lowers Prosecution Standards for Commercial Crimes

Effective 15 May 2022, new provisions set lower thresholds for criminal cases to be filed for commercial bribery, such as offering or accepting bribes not involving officials, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds. One of several recent initiatives to strengthen China’s approach to dealing with commercial crimes, the new rules will make it easier and more likely for the criminal authorities to prosecute individuals and entities that engage in these crimes. This could also trigger businesses in China to review their internal compliance policies, to ensure that these align with the new thresholds.