China’s Strict Rules on Advertisement: Foreign Companies Be Prepared

4 December 2019
R&P supports international retailers and brands on regulatory matters for sales of food and non-food products in the Chinese market. Our team focuses on compliance in licensing, regulatory standards and advertisement; provides trainings; and represents clients to respond to investigations and negotiate with government authorities. Contact [email protected] for more information on how we could support […]

The Intellectual Property implications of the new E-Commerce Law (2019)

On 1 January 2019, China enacted the PRC E-Commerce Law which is of interest to foreign brand owners who maintain an online storefront in China. This is the first comprehensive piece of legislation governing e-commerce within China, and brings significant changes. This legislation has a broad scope and encompasses multiple facets of e-commerce, such as […]

IIT Regulations Clarify the Tax Treatment for Expatriates in China

14 December 2018
In October 2018, China’s Ministry of Finance proposed the draft changes to the Implementing Regulations of the IIT Law, to become effective by January 2019. In many ways these regulations are more important than the IIT Law itself (see our original article on the IIT law here:, as it was the regulations that previously […]

Legal Aspects and Best Practices for Retailers in China

This article was written for, and first published by AmCham Shanghai, and is available at   China has become the world’s leading consumer market and is predicted to grow faster than the West – at 6% annually over the next decade (World Economic Forum). International brands are taking advantage of this, despite increased competition […]

Revolutionizing Foreign Investment in China

24 June 2015
Since the early 1990s, welcoming foreign investment has been one of the cornerstones for China's economic development, while at the same time foreign investors have continued to be subjected to stricter rules and procedures than their domestic counterparts.