Individual Income Tax (IIT) Deductions for Foreigners Working in China

To create a favorable working environment for foreigners, the Chinese government has rules on tax-free allowances applicable to foreigners working in Mainland China. All foreigners and their employers should be aware of these rules, to ensure that they do not pay more individual income tax (IIT) then they have to.

Update on Annual Tax Filing Obligations in China

Starting from the fiscal year 2019 both local Chinese and foreign nationals employed in China are required to declare their annual individual income tax before the end of June 2020.  R&P China Lawyers have prepared detailed instructions on how to make the annual tax declaration. Please contact us directly to receive the instructions. You can find […]

Major Tax Cuts for Smaller Companies in China

In order to support the country’s main job creators, China’s State Council chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on 9 January 2019 announced that the Chinese government will support the development of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) by introducing major tax cuts. The initiative will be implemented retrospectively from 1 January 2019 and will tentatively last […]