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Chinese arbitration - quicker and cheaper than going to court

18 June 2015

Maarten Roos (R&P’s Managing Director) was interview by KLM Club China. The below is a quote from this publication:

“Settling a disagreement before it becomes a dispute makes good business sense. But if it cannot be resolved, then arbitration is an increasingly popular alternative to going to court. “The Shanghai International Arbitration Center, SHIAC, is fulfilling an important role in business”, says Maarten Roos, arbitrator at SHIAC. 

What can you do when your Chinese supplier sends you a container of goods that are all wrong? How to resolve recurring discussions about payments? What if a Chinese joint-venture partner does not fulfil the obligations of the contract that was signed?

Two years after having been appointed to the panel of arbitrators of SHIAC, Roos concludes that arbitration continues to gain popularity as a way of settling problems. “Anyone having a business debate with suppliers, clients or partners about shipment of goods, joint ventures, finance, intellectual property or any other issue may find arbitration the easier, quicker and cheaper way to resolve matters.” This explains why contracts between international companies and Chinese counterparts increasingly include a clause in which parties agree that they will submit their disputes to arbitration by institutes like SHIAC.”

To read the FULL article, please click here: http://www.your-bizbook.com/en/Club-China-News/chinese-arbitration---quicker-and-cheaper-than-going-to-court