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Authorities of Putuo District Judicial Bureau visited R&P

21 April 2011

On Monday 18 April, Mr. Wang Xiutong and Mr. Zhu Songjie of the Putuo District Judicial Bureau visited the offices of R&P China Lawyers and met with principals Maarten Roos and Lu Zhiqian. Mr. Zhu pointed to the remarkable growth of the firm in just one year, and congratulated R&P on becoming one of the district’s strongest law firms, and the only one focused entirely on foreign businesses investing and doing business in China. Mr. Zhu then presented R&P with a beautiful vase, as a token of its support. The remainder of the meeting focused on how to further develop R&P’s business. The Judicial Bureau expressed its willingness to use its network in Putuo District and in Shanghai to support the firm in reaching its goals of providing high-value legal services to foreign businesses in China.

R&P is very happy to receive so much assistance from the Judicial Bureau and its leaders, and looks forward to meeting again next year to discuss the firm’s further progress!

Authorities of Putuo District Judicial Bureau visited R&P