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R&P Publication at Corporate Livewire and Fenedex

31 July 2013

R&P is very proud to announce the publication of the article “Managing New Risks: Time to Revise Arbitration Clauses” written by Managing Director Maarten Roos and Senior Associate Kathleen Cao at the website of Corporate Livewire.

Recently, a very public dispute resulted in the independence of Shanghai CIETAC (now SHIAC) and Shenzhen CIETAC (now SCIA). In this article, Maarten and Kathleen provide insides on what kind of problems this causes for current and future contract clauses and share useful insights on how to handle these problems.

The Dutch version of this article, named “China: Conflict heeft gevolgen voor arbitrageclausules”, will be published in the September issue of Fenedex Magazine, Fenedexpress.

To read the English version of the article please visit:  http://www.corporatelivewire.com/top-story.html?id=managing-new-risks-time-to-revise-arbitration-clauses

The English version is also available at the R&P website (click here).