Eric Yuan

Eric Yuan joined R&P in early 2010. Between 2011 and 2014 he worked for a leading specialist law firm in Shanghai focusing on employment disputes, and in September 2014 he returned to R&P as an associate.

Eric supports international and Chinese companies on employment matters in China. He has worked on over one hundred labor disputes, usually representing the Chinese subsidiaries of international companies in labor arbitration and/or court to defend against (former) employee claims. Eric has also led or was involved in more than fifteen mass lay-offs (30 people or more) all over the country for reasons of redundancy, material change of circumstances, solvent liquidation or bankruptcy, including preparations, negotiations and dealing with follow-up disputes. He provides day-to-day advice to clients on labor law matters, and supports businesses on the development of internal policies and staff handbooks. Eric also is frequently involved in non-labor administrative and criminal cases, especially in Shanghai.

He studied law and accounting at the Shanghai International Studies University before 2010.

Eric is fluent in English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Shanghainese dialect.


2020 Legal 500 - Testimonials:‘Eric Yuan is a very calm character who is hugely knowledgeable in employment matters and the termination of problematic employees. He has handled many situations very calmly and with composure despite facing very tough challenges.’