Compliance China Law

Compliance keeps the legal and ethical integrity of a company intact through program planning and policy enforcement. As your business grows in China, it will become increasingly complex. A proper compliance program can assist managers to reduce the risk of fines, penalties, internal complaints, work stoppages, or even business liquidation. Failure to operate in a compliant way will open the company and its managers to business risks as well as administrative, civil and criminal liabilities.

The Chinese business environment is heavily regulated and corporate regulatory requirements are constantly changing. Since 2012 the Chinese government has significantly increased its efforts to tackle corruption and incompliance at foreign-invested companies. At R&P China Lawyers, we advise international companies on Chinese commercial bribery and FCPA matters, build compliance programs and internal control systems including drafting of relevant internal policies and providing compliance trainings. We also execute compliance investigations, respond to investigations by government authorities and defend clients in Chinese courts.